What we know about the new Wurzburg plant in Germany

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By Brian LovegroveAUSTRALIA – March 25, 2020: A prototype of a power plant in Wurzelberg near the German city of WurZburg has been successfully tested, but there is no guarantee that the plant will be operational in time for the 2020 Olympic Games.

Wurzelbruch, in Wuerzburg district, is the world’s largest power plant.

It is the third plant in the Wurzer region of the state of Bavaria to be tested.

The plant is one of several planned by the state government to provide a solution for Germany’s ageing grid, and has attracted the interest of major power companies including Germany’s state utilities and state government.

Wuerzberg’s project will use a combination of high-temperature, high-pressure steam, liquid water and wind power.

Würzberg Power Company, which is the company responsible for the project, says it will not require any new power plants in the region.

The state’s environment minister, Christian Mueller, said: “It’s not the first time that a Wurzersburg power plant has been approved.

It was done in the past.

This time we are more confident.”

The power plant will have two stages: one for water, one for steam.

The water stage will be powered by the turbine, while the steam stage will use water pumped from a water reservoir and will generate electricity.

Power plants in Würzburg, about 15 kilometres (nine miles) west of the city of Weimar, will supply power to the city’s grid.

The Wurzesburg power station is expected to be the first to be commissioned.

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