How the world’s biggest coal plant in Poland can’t be replaced

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Poland’s government announced Wednesday that it will build a 1,400 megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant that will replace the country’s ageing coal-powered grid.

The country is still trying to upgrade its ageing coal plants.

The country has a total of 24 gigawatts of coal-based power generation capacity, and the country is struggling to build a new generation.

The new plant, the National Power Company (PNZ), will be the largest coal plant on the Polish soil, and will replace a power station that was destroyed by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986. 

Poland is already struggling with coal-burning power.

Last year, it became the world first to import coal from China.

The company will also begin building a plant in the Czech Republic.

The plant will have a capacity of 1,200 MW. 

But the project has not been officially announced.

The government said it would be built in 2017, but no details of construction have been released.

The news was made public Wednesday by the president of Poland’s ruling Civic Platform party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski. 

“We want to be a country that has a strong nuclear energy policy and we have to be able to use the power of the sun,” Kaczyński said at a news conference.

“This project is a part of this energy policy.

I hope it will not take a long time to build.

I think it will be completed in 2017.”

The decision comes a year after Poland signed a deal with China, which is trying to diversify its energy sources and become more competitive with Russia.

China is also building a 1 GW plant to replace a 1 MW power plant in Turkey.

The move is part of a trend towards nuclear power in Poland, which has seen the country build two nuclear power plants since 2009.

But the nuclear plants have been slow to reach capacity due to construction and safety concerns. 

Despite the nuclear phaseouts, there are some plans to build new nuclear power stations in Poland. 

The country will be building the National Electric Company (NCE) plant to power the electricity grid in 2017. 

Nuclear power plants were supposed to be phased out in Europe in 2020, but they were not completed until 2025.

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