How to unlock a jailbreak for your Apple iPhone or iPad, with help from jailbreakers

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By the time you read this, your Apple TV may already be in jailbreak mode.

But if you don’t, you may still be able to access your content on Apple TV by simply turning off the remote, which can also make jailbreaking a little easier.

Step 1: Plug in your Apple Remote to your Apple deviceStep 2: Plug the Apple Remote into your Apple televisionStep 3: Connect the Apple TV to your computerStep 4: Turn on your Apple remote in your computer and tap on the Apple icon on the upper right corner of the screenStep 5: Tap on the Settings icon in the lower right cornerStep 6: Tap the Advanced menu in the upper left cornerStep 7: Tap “Plug in Apple Remote” and wait for it to appearStep 8: Wait for the “Plug In” dialog to appear, then select “Plug-in Apple Remote for iOS”Step 9: Select “Connect Apple Remote…”

Step 10: Tap OKStep 11: Wait a few secondsStep 12: Press “OK” once again and wait a few more secondsStep 13: Press the “Connect” button again and select “Connect Mac to Apple Remote,” and then click “OK.”

Step 14: When the Apple remote has connected, the iPhone and iPad will now appear in the top right corner, and the jailbreak process will begin.

You should now be able tap on a TV remote to access all your content.

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