‘The Bigger Picture’: Tesla, SpaceX, Amazon and More

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Two of the biggest US tech companies are building power plants that will provide power to a large swath of the US by 2050.

And Tesla has announced it is building a 500 MW power plant in Nevada.

“Tesla is building one of the largest, most capable, and most technologically advanced power plants in the world.

We have been working with partners in Nevada to create a power plant that will power over 100,000 homes, more than half the entire state,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote on Twitter.”

The new plant is also a critical component of our Gigafactory, which is expected to create over 100 million new jobs,” Musk added.

The two companies announced the project last week.

Tesla is working with Nevada Power, Nevada Gas and Reno-Sparks Electric Power, NV Energy, and NV Energy in a joint venture.

The project is part of a broader push to make electric vehicles more competitive and efficient, and to use less fossil fuels, Musk wrote.

“By 2035, solar and wind power will be the majority of electricity used in the United States,” he wrote.

“By 2050, renewables will be one of only three technologies that will generate over half of total electricity.”

While Tesla is investing heavily in renewables, the company is also building its own solar panels, Musk said.

“It will help us create a much cleaner future for our customers.

The solar panels on the building site will be manufactured by our Fremont factory, which we will use to make our own panels,” he said.

“And we are also partnering with other manufacturers to build solar panels in Nevada.”

It is not the first time Musk has taken on solar.

In April, he announced the creation of the world’s largest solar farm in Nevada, which will have 1.8 million panels.

Musk’s tweet about the project follows a tweet he sent in January when he told a rally of about 5,000 supporters: “The world is a much greener place.

But there are some people out there who want to keep us in darkness.””

We need to get out and see it,” Musk said in January.

“We can’t keep doing what we’re doing and waiting for the sun to shine.”

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