Why we can’t wait for the first new Power Plant in California

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Now Playing: Watch the first ever Power Plant of the future in Redlands Now Playing.

Now Playing The First Solar Energy Power Plant for the World Now Playing Trump’s new energy advisor: It’s a good thing for the economy, the environment, and our national security Now Playing California Governor: ‘It’s a great day for the people of California’ Now Playing Obama administration: We want to make sure that every American can live, work, and play safely Now Playing How the solar energy boom in California helped power the state’s economy Now Playing A Solar Farm in Oregon Could Help Power California Now Playing What’s in store for California’s energy future Now Playing President Trump’s energy adviser: It would be great if you could come in to work, but you can’t Now Playing ‘I don’t think we’re going to be able to afford to keep the people who are in our jobs’: Trump’s Energy Advisor Now Playing Is California the most energy-independent state?

Now Playing Where to find the most renewable energy in the US Now Playing Donald Trump’s top energy advisor is back, and he’s not the same guy Now Playing Here’s how the new power plant in Redland could change the state of California Now The next wave of solar energy in California is in the works Now Playing In California, the power plant is a real-life version of a science fiction film Now Playing First Solar Plant of The Future in Redwood City Now Playing Why Californians can’t afford to wait for a new Power Station in California Now Watching California Governor, ‘I’m not going to sit here and wait for someone to come and tell me how to do something,’ on why she won’t wait

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