How to Survive the Diablo Power Plant Outbreak

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By Mike McDanielApril 21, 2018 11:24:48The last time the Diablo power plant shut down was on February 14, 2018.

But the plant operator did not tell the public when it shut down.

On March 17, a power outage affected about 70 percent of the state’s electricity generating capacity, causing blackouts and severe power outages throughout the state.

The plant operator told the state that the outage was due to a power surge caused by Hurricane Maria.

In the end, the power outage lasted just over two weeks.

But it did not prevent the closure of the Diablo plant.

A few weeks later, a major outage shut down all of New York State’s power grid.

It caused more than 4,000 blackouts, as well as millions of dollars in damages.

At the time, Governor Andrew Cuomo was trying to reassure the public that the power outage was not caused by Maria.

“It’s not a power storm,” he said in February.

“The hurricane was a big storm.”

Cuomo and the state legislature had been in negotiations for a major power grid overhaul.

The deal was supposed to go down this month.

But in a press conference, the governor said the talks would not be happening.

Cuomo had promised to keep working on it.

The power outage was an unfortunate side effect of that deal.

In a statement, Cuomo said that it was “not possible to predict” when the power grid would be restored.

The governor’s press secretary, Katie Walsh, said the governor would meet with the Sierra Club and the National Governors Association next week to talk about the power crisis.

The Sierra Club released a statement on Friday expressing its disappointment with the governor’s response.

The group urged Cuomo to meet with groups that were affected by the blackout.

“While the Governor is aware of the severe power loss and the inconvenience that this caused, it was not his intention to mislead the public about the situation,” the group said in a statement.

“As part of the public discussion on the future of New Jersey’s power, the Governor should engage with Sierra Club members and other stakeholders to discuss how he can help ensure that the state has a safe and reliable power supply.”

A spokesperson for the Sierra Council, Chris Riddell, also addressed the governor on Friday.

He said the group does not support the governor “deliberately” misleading the public.

“He did not want to mislead anyone, he didn’t want to try to scare people, he just wanted to make sure everyone got the right information about what was going on,” Riddett said.

“We were very upset and upset by the lack of information about the shutdown, because that was our expectation that we would get.”

A state spokesperson for Cuomo’s office said in an email that the governor did not make a decision on when the shutdown would end.


Cuomo is committed to working with the legislature to find solutions to the power system’s crisis,” the spokesperson wrote.

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