NHL is moving to remove plant strain

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A federal investigation has found the NHL has not complied with a deadline to remove a plant strain that affected one of its power plants, sources told

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) conducted a joint investigation into the plant strain last year, a source familiar with the investigation told NHL News.

That investigation, according to the source, found the outbreak occurred at the Monticello Power Plant in Fayette, New York, which is owned by the NHL.

The NHL has been in touch with the NYSDOH to discuss the investigation, the source told, but was not informed of the findings.

The plant strain has caused problems for the NHL in recent years, according the source.

In October 2016, a plant that the NHL uses to supply power to its own players and fans at the team’s home arena in Detroit suffered a major fire that forced the evacuation of the facility and forced the NHL to shut down all the equipment.

The outbreak was linked to a plant in Florida that had previously been tested by the CDC, the same source told the NHL, and found to be safe.

However, the New York City Department of Public Health had previously detected the plant at the time.

A second plant, in the Bronx, was later tested by other organizations.

The New York Public Health Department and the NHL had both said they were confident that the plant had been properly tested before it was linked in 2016 to the outbreak.

However, the NYPDHDP found no evidence of contamination in the first case and that the second case showed no evidence that the incident had been linked to the NHL plant.

Both of the New Jersey-based teams were also forced to shut their arenas down for the duration of the 2016-17 season following the outbreak, which caused millions of dollars in damage.

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