UK Power Plant Sinks Power Surge at Monongah Power Station

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Monongash Power Station in South Africa is being hit by a surge in power that has caused a number of problems at the site.

A number of customers have reported a surge at the Monongatah power station in South African capital, Pretoria.

The Monongats Power Station is located at Monongahela in South-West Zululand, which is in the province of Cape Town.

According to the South African Electricity Authority, a transformer in the plant had to be disconnected due to a failure of the transformer regulator, which in turn triggered a fault that damaged the substation.

Power company, South Africa’s largest, says there are no problems at other power plants in the country.

However, power is not being restored at the power station at the moment, as the transformer failure has left the station in a critical condition.

As a result, many customers have complained about their power bills being very high, and the station is not providing them with any relief.

“We have to pay a fee of about R20 (USD) per month to the power supplier for every kilowatt hour of power they use, which adds up to more than R2,000 per month,” said one customer.

“The station itself is running on just one of the two batteries, which are supposed to be at the end of the line,” another customer said.

Monongats power plant was first commissioned in 2001, and was initially owned by South Africa Power Company.

But, in 2010, South African authorities decided to transfer ownership to the State-owned South African Power Company, and, following the merger, the South Africa-based company now owns the power plant.

In 2014, South Africans received a letter from the State of South Africa informing them that the South-African Electricity Authority had requested that they pay R3,700 per month for electricity consumption.

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