How to get to work at home without being a Tesla employee

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Tesla workers in the US are using their home computers to do tasks, like checking their emails or taking their children to school, and sometimes they’re not even plugged into the internet.

The tech company’s electric vehicles are being used to power a new, highly sophisticated system at its sprawling, sprawling headquarters in Fremont, California.

As you might expect, that includes a lot of computers.

It also includes the computers of many other people working for Tesla, and the data that they collect.

It includes the social media profiles of employees, their contacts, the names of their children, and even the names and photos of their pets.

That data is fed back to Tesla’s servers.

But what does that data mean for you and your family?

As it turns out, your data is being sold to the world.

The Guardian recently asked the tech giant what it was doing with your data.

The response: “We have no plans to collect this data,” a spokesperson told us.

“But you may wish to contact us at any time.”

The data was collected by a private security firm, and was used to track employees, and to track the movements of employees and their families.

This data could also be sold to marketers and others, who could use it to target you with ads and messages, the spokesperson told the Guardian.

But is this all data that you need?

“Yes, absolutely,” the spokesperson replied.

“There’s a lot that we can do with your personal data that will be used in our business to better serve you, our customers.”

Is that really necessary?

Yes, absolutely.

Tesla’s website claims that it only collects “non-personally identifiable data, such as email address, postal code, phone number, IP address, time zone, and date of birth”.

But this data is collected to help customers find and apply for jobs.

Is that information useful for anyone?


The company also says that “we collect information about your activity as well as your interests, and how often you visit websites, apps, services, and social media channels”.

Is this data being used for anything else?


The data is used to help the company better understand customers, and what their interests are, so it can help make better decisions about what to offer them.

Is this information being used in any other way?

No, it’s not.

“The data that we collect will be anonymised so that we do not identify you and the way you interact with us,” a Tesla spokesperson told The Guardian.

Is the company telling me that it can see my personal data?

Tesla doesn’t know.

“We are working with law enforcement, and other relevant government agencies to understand what the laws and regulations are in the jurisdiction where we operate and in your area of residence,” the company told The Times in a statement.

What happens next?

Tesla says it won’t comment on specific privacy concerns.

But the company is clearly concerned about the data collection.

It has asked that the Guardian not publish any of its data, and has asked its employees not to provide it to anyone outside the company.

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