How to save the world from nuclear waste

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A massive fusion power project is about to begin on the California coast, where the state’s power grid is still in the early stages of the transition from coal-fired to gas-fired power generation.

But that doesn’t mean the state is not working on ways to lessen its dependence on coal.

According to a report by the California Energy Commission, California currently has less than 1 percent of its electricity from coal, but as the country shifts toward cleaner sources of energy, the country could be able to increase that number to 1 percent by 2030.

The plan includes $4.5 billion in federal funds to encourage the construction of more renewable energy, including solar, wind and hydroelectric power.

The funds are also being used to help fund the installation of more efficient transmission lines, transmission substations, power plants and other infrastructure, said the report.

The California Power Authority is also exploring ways to increase the use of hydrogen and renewable energy.

The utility is also looking into ways to build more energy storage, said Michael Schurz, a spokesperson for the agency.

The agency has also been studying how to increase transmission capacity.

The state is also investing in renewable energy research and technology development, and is also considering a renewable energy tax credit, which is designed to encourage businesses to build renewable energy projects, Schurl said.

California also has been working to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels.

As the state continues to move away from fossil fuels, the state has pledged to phase out fossil fuel use by 2040.

In addition, California is also moving toward a low-carbon economy, and in 2018, the governor signed an executive order that established a Clean Energy Investment Tax Credit, which helps the state invest in renewable technologies, said Schurrz.

The country has seen an increasing number of states and communities across the country to invest in the transition away from dirty fossil fuels as the U.S. transition to cleaner energy becomes more feasible.

In fact, according to the U, the U has more than 2,000 solar power projects in place in the country.

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