A power plant near Calaveras, California, is under fire from locals and authorities after the plant was evacuated due to an ongoing wildfire.

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Calavera, California — Calaveros power plant is now under fire after the evacuation due to a wildfire.

The wildfire that hit the power plant in the town of Calavero on Monday morning, leaving some customers without electricity and some in critical condition, has now forced Calaveraras power utility to temporarily shut down its Calaveres transmission line to the power station, according to The Associated Press.

The power plant was originally slated to be open on Tuesday, but due to the wildfire, that has been pushed back to Saturday, officials told ABC News.

Calaverayas power outage, Calaverans fire, Calveras power, power plant fire, power source ABC News title Calaveran power outage and fire has put Calaverabas power in disrepair, causing it to shut down article Calverassas power station is now shut down due to smoke and fire, forcing Calaverash to temporarily close its Calverays power supply and evacuate residents.

The utility said on Monday that a number of customers were evacuated as a precaution, and some have since been returned to their homes.

The plant, which was built in 1932 and is part of the Calaverassas Power Authority, is operated by Calaverawas Power Transmission Company, according Calaverascas website.

Officials told the station that the plant had suffered damage and that the damage was expected to be contained within the coming days.

Calverabas Power Administration spokesperson John Echeverria told ABC Local that the fire started around 2:30 a.m. and it had been burning for more than four hours before being contained.

He said the fire was contained to the south of the plant, and Calaverastas Power Plant would be shut down on Wednesday morning.

Echeterria said that Calaverafas power was running normally.

Calavanas power supply is also expected to go down for about a week.

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