How to keep your family safe from the Palisades Power Plant

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Palisade Power Plant is one of the most polluted power plants in the world.

The plant is located in the city of Pali, in southern California.

Its owners claim it is safe, but the plant is not, and has been known to cause a host of problems for its residents.

It has been the subject of a lawsuit by residents of Palisad, who are seeking compensation from the plant.

One of the major problems is that residents are being sprayed with pesticides to control insects that are found in the plant’s ventilation system.

The residents also complain that they have to stay indoors during the peak of the peak season to keep from catching a respiratory illness from inhaling the pesticide fumes.

The plants water and power system is a mess, and residents have been unable to flush their toilets because of the polluted water.

They have to use a portable shower, which is a challenge since there is no showerhead.

There are no toilets to flush the pipes, and the pipes themselves are lined with the remains of a toilet.

Residents also complain about the toxic water from the power plant, which can lead to health problems for residents.

There is also a problem with a faulty boiler.

The boiler is also leaking, and this has resulted in a lack of power to many areas.

Some residents also say they are afraid to go outside.

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