How to avoid a power outage in NSW

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Power outages have become more common this year with a total of 1,965 reported in NSW and Victoria between July 1 and 31.

The NSW Power Networks website has a handy tool to help you find out when power outages occur.

The utility says that you should always look for power outage signs in buildings and on the road.

A common cause of power outAGES is poor network connectivity, including the absence of fixed power lines, as well as the failure of some batteries.

Power outages can also be caused by natural disasters, such as a flood or storm, or power outaging equipment such as generators.

There are no power outfalls in New South Wales, however.

To check if your home or business has experienced power outAGEs, look for signs of power loss or disconnection on the following pages: Power outage notices for the Northern Territory, Northern Territory Government, NSW Government and Victoria Government.

An outage is a power failure which is not caused by a fault.

If you or your family members are in danger, call 000 for an emergency response service.

In Victoria, the State Emergency Service (SES) will assist you with finding out when outages are expected to occur.

Emergency response service for Victoria, Victoria Government, State Emergency Services and Victoria’s Emergency Services Victoria (ESSEV) will also help you.

What to do if you need to know when power is out:

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