WATCH: Watch the Power Plant Drawing of Chernobyl Power Plant drawing

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By David Zucman / News24 News Staff, New York CityPublished Dec. 21, 2014 11:33:32A series of images captured by New York’s Power Plant Crews on Dec. 15 show a power plant drawing on the ground in the city’s Javits Center area.

Power plant crews work in the Javits Plaza area near the Javitz Center.

A series on the Javitts Power Plant drawn by New Yorkers working in the area on Dec 15, 2014.(David Zucmans Photography)Aerial view of the Javitys power plant.

Aerial shot showing the Javitteys power station.(David Schmeling Photography)Photos of the power plant show the drawing was made by the Powerplant Crews.

The photos were posted on the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) Instagram account on Dec 19.

The pictures are of the Power plant Crews work in front of the plant in the heart of Manhattan.

A worker at the Javitalys powerplant near Manhattan.(David Schnell Photography)One of the images shows the drawing of the reactor containment building at the plant.

The second shows workers working in front the plant’s containment building.(David Szilagy Photography)The photos show workers standing on a street near the containment building where they were drawn to draw.

The Javits power plant drew crews to the site.

A man walks past a building at a power station in New York.(David Shapiro Photography)Another photo shows workers at a nearby power station.

A power station worker prepares for work.(David Bader Photography)Power plant workers walk past a power tower at a building.(Courtesy: DEC)The pictures were posted in the “New York City, New Jersey” series by DEC.

The caption on the caption reads: “We are working on a picture of this drawing of a containment building.

We want to share it to the community so people can see the power plants power plant for themselves.

We are grateful for all the people who have been working hard to protect the environment at Javits and the Javitterys.”DEC said in a statement that they are working to share more information with the public about the drawings.

A DEC spokesperson said the agency has also received information from local law enforcement, local fire and rescue, local government officials and others who are involved in the clean-up effort.

The agency is also asking anyone with any information on the drawings to contact DEC.

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