Monticello Power Plant Explosion: A Possible Nuclear Explosion, but the Details Are Difficult to Understand

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A power plant explosion in Northern California has led to the deaths of at least eight people and injured more than 100, officials said.

The explosion on Monday was the third in the area in the last five days.

The first happened late Saturday night when a small fire at the Monticella Power Station in San Mateo County left at least 12 people injured.

Officials said there are at least four other power plants in the Montaña area with nuclear power plants.

Power plant operator Duke Energy said in a statement that the Montaicos power plant is a highly secure facility, but that the plant was not responding to emergency calls for assistance due to the ongoing fire.

It is not yet known how many people were hurt or what caused the explosion.

It happened in a highly populated area, which can be difficult for emergency personnel to navigate, officials have said.

Power outages caused by the fire have been reported for some time in the nearby San Mateos Valley.

Officials have said that there is no known danger of an accident at the plant.

The Monticellas fire was first reported at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday and remained under control until 9:30 p.b.m., officials said, adding that it is not known how long the fire had been burning or what kind of fuel was burning.

It was not immediately clear what caused Saturday’s fire.

A fire at another power plant in San Bernardino County also sparked a massive power outage earlier this week.

In both cases, power was restored in the hours after the fire was extinguished.

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