Which plant is powering the Brunswick power plant?

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Posted February 05, 2018 09:52:56 The Brunswick power generation plant in South Brunswick is now producing enough electricity to power more than 1 million homes.

The plant produces enough electricity for more than 20 million people in New Brunswick and is the largest solar-powered plant in the country.

The power plant is located on the site of the old Brunswick Power Plant in the town of Brunswick.

Brunswick Power Generation Company says its a very big deal for the town and its community.

The Brunswick Power Project is a joint venture between the province and the South Carolina Electric and Gas Co. The project began with a $10 million loan from the South Carolinas Department of Energy.

It now employs nearly 2,200 people.

The state-owned company also owns the Brunswick Power Company building.

The plant produces about 400 megawatts of power, enough to power the Brunswick and surrounding areas for about 20 years, said John Broussard, Brunswick Power spokesperson.

It is the country’s largest solar power plant.

South Carolina Electric, which owns the plant, says the power plant provides a significant economic boost for the state.

The company has received hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding and is looking to build more solar projects throughout the state, BrouSSard said.

South Carolinas Energy Commission President and CEO David P. Brownlee said the plant was built to meet the energy needs of the state and its residents.

He said South Carolina needs to build new solar projects, and he expects more power plants to come online.

He expects to be building more in the state in the coming years.

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