Inside the world of the CO2 power plant at the Heart of the World

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In a world of cheap energy and cheap fossil fuels, a huge nuclear plant in the heart of the world’s largest country is getting its energy from coal.

It’s a story that is likely to raise questions about how we should be using the planet, and what we should do about climate change.

It also raises questions about whether this is the right approach to tackle climate change and, if so, how much the world can afford it.

It is a story of power plants.

Power plants are a vital part of our society.

They are vital to our economy and our way of life.

They provide a lifeline for millions of people, and they are also the source of most of the pollution we breathe.

But they also have the potential to be one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gases, with carbon dioxide emissions exceeding the equivalent of about 10 million cars.

These are the same emissions that are responsible for the worst global warming since the industrial revolution.

What’s happening?

When it comes to fossil fuels we need a lot of them.

The world currently produces about half of all the world´s electricity.

But a lot more will need to be produced in the next few decades.

By 2050, the world needs to produce another 60% of its electricity.

As we become more energy-hungry and more carbon-intensive, the demand for electricity from the fossil fuel sector is increasing.

In many ways, this has already happened.

Between 1970 and 2007, the share of global emissions from the power sector declined by 30%.

But the demand from the energy sector has also been growing in the past decade, and will continue to grow.

This has driven the increase in CO2 emissions.

In 2014, for example, the global energy sector emitted about 20% more CO2 than it did in 2005.

So the energy that goes into generating electricity is also the energy we need to produce that electricity.

This is the key point about this particular story.

The new coal plant has been built near a major city in the country of Kazakhstan.

The facility uses a mix of coal, gas and electricity.

At its heart is a 400 megawatt (MW) nuclear plant, which is powered by nuclear fuel rods.

The nuclear plant is also being used for other purposes, such as research and development.

But this isn’t the only new fossil fuel plant in Kazakhstan.

Another power plant, located in the western province of Altai, also generates power from coal, but it’s not a nuclear reactor.

The Altai power plant is a mix between a coal plant and a gas plant, and is also producing power from natural gas.

These plants are the main sources of CO2 for the country.

They emit around 3% of the country´s CO2.

But because they use coal, they are the biggest source of CO02 emissions in Kazakhstan, according to a study published by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis.

A nuclear reactor, on the other hand, emits almost zero CO2 when it’s running.

Nuclear power is relatively cheap to build.

The cost of the technology is low and is the cheapest source of electricity in the world.

And it´s very easy to build, with the construction process taking less than a week.

Nuclear is also a good option for developing countries.

As the world becomes more energy rich, it is increasingly dependent on nuclear power to generate power.

But for developing nations, the cost of these power plants is rising fast.

In 2010, China consumed around 15% of all its electricity, and in 2015, the US, the UK and India combined consumed around 19% of their electricity.

The US has a long history of developing nuclear power, and the US has been exporting nuclear power technology to other countries, including China, Russia and India.

It has also developed a range of new technologies for producing electricity.

So how did these technologies come to be used in Kazakhstan?

A lot of the energy for this power plant comes from coal and natural gas, which are abundant in the US and elsewhere in the developed world.

These sources of power are cheap, plentiful and are being exported to developing countries at a rapid rate.

But these power sources also have a big downside.

They tend to emit more CO02 than nuclear.

The amount of CO 2 emitted by the nuclear power plant in Altai is about 3%, which is higher than the amount emitted by coal-fired power plants and natural-gas power plants, according the IAEA.

But the emissions from coal plants in Kazakhstan are about 1% higher than those emitted by gas plants, so the CO 2 emissions from these plants is still very small.

How do we know that the nuclear plant isn’t a source of greenhouse gas emissions?

If you look at the world in which we live, you’ll find that the energy generated from nuclear power is very much a natural-resource-based process.

The energy comes from the sun.

The electricity comes from natural steam.

The power comes from steam generators, and nuclear power plants are one of

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