When China’s biggest coal plant goes offline, is the world screwed?

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As China gears up to shut down the country’s biggest natural gas and coal-fired power plant, analysts say the world is already screwed.

The massive plant, which is to be built by China National Nuclear Corporation, is estimated to be worth about $15 billion.

It will produce enough electricity for about 1.6 million homes.

The plant will also produce electricity to supply around 1.8 million Chinese homes.

Its main drawback is that it will need to be shut down in order to comply with the latest US environmental laws.

But if the plant does go offline, it will not just be the end of China’s coal supply but the end for the world.

If the coal plants are shut down, it is estimated that China’s carbon dioxide emissions will increase by about 30% and its CO2 emissions would double.

The country’s emissions are already among the highest in the world, with some estimates placing China’s total CO2 output at more than 5 billion tonnes of CO2-e.

The US, by contrast, has around 1,200 times as much CO2 per capita.

China, with its coal, has already produced enough CO2 to make it the world’s biggest emitter of carbon dioxide.

But the problem is that, with coal consumption rising, China will be able to produce more of it than the US, which has already taken on the largest share of the world supply.

As the world shifts towards cleaner energy sources, it may be that China will soon run out of coal and start to shut it down, causing the entire world to be screwed, according to one of the leading experts on the global warming problem.

Dr James Hansen, who was a climate scientist for the US government for 15 years and now directs the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, told Business Insider that if China shut down its coal plants in 2030, the US would be the biggest CO2 emitter in the history of the planet.

He also told the site that China could also cause an international warming disaster, because the coal used in its plants is so polluting.

The problem is, if China shuts down its plants in 2025, the United States will be the second largest emitter and the world will be stuck with the second-largest CO2 footprint, Hansen said.

This means that if a global warming disaster were to occur in 2025 with the world economy suffering a severe economic downturn, Hansen added, the U.S. could lose its position as the world leader in CO2 and CO2 pollution.

The worst-case scenario, Hansen told Business Insights, is that China shuts off its coal emissions in 2025 and the U,S.

will be in the lead in CO 2 emissions.

That would be disastrous for global warming.

This is where China’s power plant comes in, Hansen explained.

China will start producing about 6,000 gigawatt-hours (GW) of power from the plant every year and China is expected to get to 6GW in 2030.

But it’s important to note that if the power plant does not go offline in 2030 then the world would lose about 1,800 GW of coal-generated electricity a year.

Hansen also pointed out that this is only the start of what will happen.

In the 2030s, China’s CO2 emission would double to 9,600GW, Hansen says.

That means that China would eventually become the world leading emitter, and the rest of the globe would have to catch up with China.

If China shuts its coal plant down, the world could be stuck using half of the energy that it is using now, Hansen noted.

This scenario is already happening.

In 2016, a study from the World Resources Institute found that China was now the world´s biggest polluter of CO 2 , and that China´s emissions were expected to rise dramatically as it closed down its fossil fuel plants.

According to the study, China had already started exporting power from its coal-fuelled power plants to neighbouring countries, including the United Arab Emirates.

And it was already exporting about half of its CO 2 from its existing coal plants to other countries.

The World Resources study also found that, if the US stopped importing coal from China in 2020, the CO 2 pollution that would be emitted from the United Kingdom would be more than twice as much as it is today.

If a US president stopped importing oil from China, the global CO 2 would be about 10 times more than it is now.

Hansen, however, says that the only way that the world can avoid being stuck with a huge CO 2 footprint is to cut its reliance on coal.

This would mean, among other things, to stop using fossil fuels, which have high CO 2 content and also are expensive to operate.

This requires a shift away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and biofuels, he said.

It also requires a significant change in how we consume energy, he added.

By 2030, Hansen believes that the global economy will have a much smaller footprint

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