When the power plant goes up, the economy will suffer

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Gainesville, Florida — If you think your power company is about to go belly-up, just think again.

The Georgia Power Authority has declared the utility’s power plant at the site of a historic fire as unsafe.

The utility said it has decided to close the facility after the Federal Emergency Management Agency ruled in February that it is unsafe for it to operate after the storm.

Georgia Power Authority CEO Greg Wessel said he was not sure when the plant would reopen.

He said the utility plans to re-open the facility with the same equipment and staff.

But it is unclear when it will reopen, and how much work will be done to reopen it.

The power company said last week it was planning to reopen in early July.

The decision to close was made following a lengthy review of the fire’s damage, including assessing whether to close it for any other reasons.

In the months leading up to the disaster, Georgia Power officials estimated it would cost $2.7 billion to repair the plant, and the agency has raised its estimates for the total cost.

In recent days, Georgia officials have said the cost could be even higher because of the damage to the structure.

The Federal Emergency Administration, which has stepped up its disaster relief efforts after a devastating hurricane hit the U.S. East Coast, said in a report in April that the plant could face a $6 billion repair bill.

It said it had no estimate of the total damage to power lines.

Georgia power officials said last year that the cost of restoring the power supply could reach $20 billion.

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