This ‘green’ energy plant is making a difference

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Encinitas-based power utility Wyoongong Power Station is the first in the country to have its output turned on by the natural gasifier, a process that produces carbon dioxide and water vapour that then gets pumped back into the atmosphere, in an effort to reduce emissions.

The plant’s main goal is to reduce the amount of CO2 released into the air.

“We have a really interesting opportunity here to start to reduce our emissions by 30 per cent and that is going to have an impact on our quality of life,” Wyoongs principal scientist, Dr Peter Boulton, told “We can take some of that pollution out of the environment.”

The plant has already seen its output halved from the amount the natural-gasifier generates.

Dr Boulson said the plant would also see a significant reduction in the amount that would be emitted by burning coal.

“It will reduce our carbon emissions to zero,” he said.

Wyoogong Power station in the foothills of Mount Isa in North Queensland, Western Australia. “

Wyoongang Power Station has a total of 14,500MW of gasification capacity, including its gasification facilities, and the gasification facility that is currently being installed is just under 1,000MW, so it’s an enormous amount of gas that’s being used up.”

Wyoogong Power station in the foothills of Mount Isa in North Queensland, Western Australia.

Wyoos energy chief executive, Dr Bouden, said the company would now focus on ensuring its customers were informed about the benefits of the gasifier and how to get involved in it.

“When you look at the impact on local communities and communities on the air, the health and the wellbeing of the local community, it’s really a big deal,” he told news, “and I think that’s really what we’re trying to do.”

Mr Boudon said Wyookong Power would continue to operate at the same capacity and would have a further 15,000 MW of gasifier capacity planned.

“I think the biggest thing we’re going to do with the gasifiers is make sure that we’ve got enough capacity to do that,” he added.

The decision to go green in the face of climate change comes after a recent report found that Australia was producing more CO2 than it could safely use.

The report by the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Global Environment found that in 2020 Australia had nearly 5,000 more CO 2 per person than it had in 1950.

Woopong Power is the second-largest gasifier in the world, but the company has also been working with the National Energy Agency and the Clean Energy Council to produce carbon-neutral electricity.

“Our focus is to ensure that we have a positive impact on the environment, the economy, and also reduce our CO2 emissions,” Dr Bouston said.

He said the energy company would also use the gasifying technology to make electricity more efficient, but also to reduce CO2.

“So we’re working with [the National Energy and Climate Change Authority] to look at ways of using the gasified gas to reduce carbon dioxide emissions,” he explained.

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