The power plant that killed more than 500 people has been closed by a power company in Niagara

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Posted September 14, 2018 06:01:34 A plant that was the target of a deadly power outage for several months has been shut down and the residents evacuated, with officials saying the plant had been “fully and properly” repaired.

Key points:A large section of the plant was damaged by the stormwater intrusionA power company has said it was taking “extraordinary steps” to ensure the safety of residents and workersA spokesperson for the Niagara Power Commission (NPPC) said the plant would be closed until it was fully repaired.

The NPPC was notified of the incident on Wednesday, saying the outage had affected an area of about 30 hectares.

“It is currently under investigation to determine the cause and cause-effect relationship between the incident and the damage to the plant,” the NPPC said.

“There are no immediate risks to residents or staff.”

We are taking extraordinary steps to ensure residents and employees are not impacted.

“The plant will be fully and properly repaired and reopened in the event that necessary.”

It is not yet known what caused the outage, but the plant is the only plant on the main Niagara Power Distribution (NDEP) network.

The plant had received heavy rainfall from the recent Tropical Cyclone Frances in February.

The incident caused widespread outages for more than four weeks in the area, which is about 130 kilometres (70 miles) west of the city of Hamilton.

A spokesperson with the National Weather Service said the stormwaters intrusion into the plant led to the building of a dam.

“This dam will be used to hold water to the surface and allow the plant to continue operating,” the spokesperson said.

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