The California drought that left millions without power

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An unprecedented drought in the U.S. has left millions of Americans without power and forced utilities to scramble to cut their reliance on fossil fuels.

But as the state’s economy continues to slow, experts say the impact is already far from over.

As The Huffington Posts Climate Desk reported last week, millions of homes and businesses have been left without power since mid-June.

And the California drought, which began in late March, has forced more than 100,000 homes and about 1.2 million businesses to shut down.

The HuffingtonPost spoke with several power utilities and a power company spokesperson about what the drought has meant to the country.

Here’s what we know about the drought and what we’ll be watching in the coming weeks.

What’s the drought?

It started in mid-March and has been the worst drought in California in the past 40 years.

This year, more than 7.3 million Californians have been without power, according to the California Department of Water Resources (CDWR).

The drought is expected to last through the end of the year, according the agency.

What’s it like to be without power?

Power companies have been faced with a constant onslaught of calls to shut off their lights.

Some utility companies are trying to keep customers connected and have been using automated systems to shut the lights off when they’re needed.

The problem, however, is that the automated systems can only operate for a certain amount of time.

In other words, some lights will stay on, while others will go out.

For this reason, some utilities are deploying “blackouts” that prevent their customers from accessing the grid.

That means people can’t get electricity from a nearby generator or to get out of the house to power their appliances.

How much has the drought affected the energy sector?

The utility sector in California has suffered badly.

The average household has lost about $6,500 in annual household income, according a report by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

That’s about 10% of the total state income.

What is the industry doing to recover from this crisis?

As a result of the drought, power companies have started using more natural gas and other fossil fuels to generate power.

Gas is cleaner than coal, and natural gas is cheaper than coal.

Some utilities are also using technology to reduce the amount of power they produce, like reducing their power usage by about 5%.

What can I do to protect my property and avoid a blackout?

As of last week it’s also common for homeowners and businesses to be asked to pay a fee to avoid a potential blackout.

While the fees can be as low as $25 a month for homes, utilities and other businesses can charge up to $300 a month.

If you have questions about the fees or about how to avoid them, you can contact the CPUC.

What is the impact of the current drought on businesses?

It’s not just California that has seen the worst of the heat.

Other states have seen the most severe droughts and wildfires.

Here’s what you need to know about California wildfires.

What can we expect during the next few weeks?

California’s drought is still going to take a lot of time to fully recover from.

But the effects are already far-reaching, and are expected to continue to have long-term consequences.

The effects of the California wildfires will be felt for years to come.

What are the effects of COVID-19 on the power industry?

The United States is still experiencing the effects from the devastating pandemic, which has already impacted the country’s power industry.

That’s because the coronavirus that caused the pandemic is spread by people who are infected with the virus and can’t be vaccinated against it.

The coronaviruses cause a number of different types of symptoms and can lead to illness, including headaches, fatigue, fever, cough, diarrhea, and skin rash.

However, the most serious effect of COH-19 is a milder form of pneumonia called acute respiratory syndrome.

This type of illness can cause breathing problems, difficulty breathing, and coughing.

What can I expect next week?

The CDC has announced that people should not drink or smoke while outdoors, and they should limit contact with other people or animals.

And if you have been diagnosed with COH/COVID-22, you should seek immediate medical attention.

But it’s not likely that you’ll be able to leave the house or leave work until you’re fully recovered.

What should I do if I’m ill?

If you have any symptoms, call your doctor right away.

And you can get the latest information about COVID on the CDC website.

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