A new, less-dirty way to clean up the Great Smoky Mountains

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A few weeks ago, we wrote about the environmental and economic impacts of coal ash dumping, and in particular, how it can destroy forests and ecosystems and cause the destruction of millions of acres of forested land.

Now, in the wake of the devastating fires that ravaged the Smoky Mountain National Park, we’re hearing that the federal government is looking to change that, by developing a new kind of scrubber that can scrub off the toxic waste and coal ash that has long been a problem in the Great Woods.

The scrubber technology is being developed by a group called the Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies Association (CCTSA), a group that advocates for the use of clean-energy technologies in the U.S. and around the world.

The scrubber is an advanced version of the old steam-powered scrubbers used to remove coal ash from power plants, which were essentially inefficient, and so the technology was developed specifically to do the job of scrubbing coal ash.

It’s a different kind of technology than the ones that coal companies are using today, and it’s still very expensive.

It costs $50,000 to build and $200,000 per unit of scrubbers to operate, according to CCTSA.

That’s a lot of money, and most people wouldn’t be able to afford it.

But they have to pay for it.

The group is working on a new scrubber called a CCSD, and is calling it the “cleaner” scrubber.

“We’re talking about making it cleaner, and that’s the goal,” CCSDs founder and CEO Tom Anderson said.

“The goal is to make it cheaper, so that people can use it more effectively.”

The new scrubbers are going to be much smaller, much lighter, and much cheaper than the steam-scrubbers used today, Anderson explained.

The new technology will be built on a “clean” coal ash material that is not made of any toxic metals.

Anderson explained that, in general, coal ash is more toxic than other types of coal, and thus the new scrubbing technology is specifically designed to remove toxic coal ash particles from coal plants.

This is important because it’s a very small particle, and the amount of toxic material it contains is much smaller than the amount in a typical coal ash pit.

Anderson said that if the new technology can be applied to scrubbing the smokestack at power plants that produce coal ash, it will be an important addition to the scrubber industry.

Anderson is confident that the scrubbers will be a great addition to any coal ash disposal industry, and he hopes to see the technology used in other coal-burning power plants in the future.

The technology used to build the new CCSDS is a very simple idea.

A scrubber uses a process called electrolysis to turn coal ash into steam.

That steam then goes to a large pressure turbine that pushes it into a container that is then sealed with an inert material.

Then, the steam is compressed, releasing steam that is used to turn a turbine.

The steam is then compressed again, releasing more steam, which is used again to turn the turbine.

These processes allow the steam to be used to generate electricity.

Anderson explains that, because the steam doesn’t require any additional materials, the process is much simpler.

The result of the process was a new type of coal-derived material that was more environmentally friendly than traditional coal.

This new material, called “carbon composite,” is much cleaner than coal ash and can be used in an electrical system for power generation.

“The idea is to produce clean coal ash,” Anderson said, “so that the coal industry will be able, once again, to continue producing coal for electricity generation.”

Anderson said this new scrubbed material is going to have significant environmental benefits.

“If the industry can keep using coal as a fuel, they’ll be able use that coal ash as a source of electricity.”

The technology has also the potential to help reduce the amount coal ash produced.

Anderson says the scrubbing process uses less water and can help reduce coal ash pollution.

“I think the coal ash industry has a lot to gain from the technology,” he said.

Anderson added that he hopes that, eventually, there will be “clean coal” on the market.

“Clean coal” is a term used to describe a material that has been treated with chemicals to remove carbon and other toxins from coal, which then becomes a useful material for a variety of industries.

Anderson and the CCTSF have also been working on the technology for some time, but it took some time to develop and test the new product.

Now the technology is available for commercialization.

The CCTSD has set out to bring the technology to market by the end of 2020, and Anderson said they are hopeful that they will be ready by 2020.

In the meantime, Anderson said there is a lot more work to be done to make the scrubbed coal ash product more efficient. “This

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