Power company to build $5.2 billion liquefied natural gas liquefaction plant in California

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The state’s largest power company is planning to build a liquefying plant that could generate about 5 million megawatt hours of electricity a year, and it expects to begin construction later this year, according to a new report from the California Public Utilities Commission.

The plant will be located near the proposed Jacksons Point LNG facility in Orange County, and the project could be completed by 2023, according the California Energy Commission.

The company expects to spend about $2.3 billion to build the plant.

The proposed plant would be capable of producing nearly 10 million megawatts of electricity.

The company has been under contract with the PUC to build and operate a liquified natural gas plant in Northern California, which is adjacent to the proposed power plant at the same location, according a statement from the company.

The PUC also announced that the state’s third largest power utility, Southern California Edison, has begun construction on a $1.6 billion LNG liquefactory that will be in the state and is expected to be completed in 2023. 

The proposed liquefactions plant will create jobs for thousands of people in the area, according Edison. 

As of last fall, Edison said it expects that about 500 permanent jobs will be created by the facility.

The new plant will produce up to 3.5 million megwatts of power each year, the company said.

The LNG plant is expected in time for the state to begin the process of issuing permits to build on the proposed liquified gas export terminal. 

Last year, California was the first state to authorize the sale of liquefished natural gas (LNG) exports from the Southern California Gas Co. terminal.

The first shipment of LNG was delivered in February, and another LNG shipment is expected later this month.

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