When the Canadian power plant called Callaway comes back online, there’s still a chance it can save the environment

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The Canadian power station Callaway is back on the grid, after it was offline for several weeks because of a power outage.

But it has yet to be used.

Story continues below advertisement A call for more clean energy Sources: Global News, Global News Network, Global Climate Network, Environment Canada, EcoWatch article Callaway was built in 1952 to supply electricity to the Niagara power plant in Ontario, where it serves as a transmission and distribution hub for the Canadian electricity network.

But when the power was shut down, the power plant shut down its own generator to save money, and Callaway had to shut down the whole plant.

The plant’s own generators were also out of service for months.

When Callaway came back online in late November, the plant was again on its own, but this time, the generators were running on the network of hydroelectric dams and power lines that feed the plant.

It had to wait until the end of March to shut them down again.

Read more: Canada’s electricity system needs a reboot, says Global News’s executive editor, Alistair BienstockSource: Global Climate News Network / The Globe and Mail, Global Environmental News NetworkThe Callaway power plants are in the Niagara region, which has some of the worst air pollution in Canada.

The air quality is so bad that some residents of Niagara Falls have had to use masks, which are not designed to protect against airborne pollution.

The plants have had trouble generating electricity since late December, and the plant is not expected to resume normal operations until late January or early February.

A few people were able to get around the problem temporarily by building makeshift shelters out of old tires and old insulation.

Some people have been using generators from other nearby power plants to power their generators, though.

“It’s just been a matter of trying to get them up and running as quickly as possible,” said Mike Trennan, who was on his way to work in Toronto when he was unable to get through the power station’s doors.

He said he was able to keep his head above water during the blackout and get to the plant’s generator before it was too late.

The Callaways power plant is the third power plant to have a major power outage since 2015.

Last year, the Niagara Regional Municipality was forced to close three of its power plants because of high levels of pollutants and water pollution.

That forced the power grid to close the rest of the province’s power plants in 2017.

In 2018, the Ontario government introduced an emission-cutting plan that would require all new and refurbished power plants across the province to generate electricity from clean sources like wind and solar energy.

The plan was designed to reduce the use of fossil fuels by the power sector by 40 per cent by 2040.

The province also announced it was looking at a pilot project in Niagara to help with clean energy.

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