How did you feel when you learned about the fire at a Virginia power plant?

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By JoePaolaAP The story of the Virginia power station fire is still unfolding, with firefighters still trying to get to the bottom of the fire, but a number of key points have emerged.

On Monday night, fire officials confirmed that the power plant was the only one in the state to suffer significant damage.

There were also reports that one firefighter was hospitalized after he accidentally stepped on a hose.

A number of reports of explosions at the facility have also emerged.

A fire at the plant in Fairfax County is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Officials say that when the blaze began, a fire engine responded to a call from a customer who said he had a gas leak.

The customer claimed to have been trapped in the building, and he asked for help.

A few hours later, the gas tank exploded, sending flames into the building.

The explosion caused a fire alarm to go off, which prompted emergency personnel to respond.

In an email sent to reporters Monday, a Virginia Department of Emergency Management spokesperson said:The department has been in contact with Virginia State Police and the Fairfax County Fire Marshal’s Office regarding this incident.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection confirmed that a fire at one of its plants in northern Virginia was caused by a transformer failure.

“The plant’s fuel supply was affected by the transformer failure, which led to a fire,” a spokesperson told NBC News.

“There are no injuries or damages to any property.

The fire is under control.”

A fire that has since been contained has caused some power outages in the area.

Power outages have caused some inconvenience and inconvenience for some people in the community.

Some customers were asked to turn off their lights and shut down the air conditioning units.

Some residents have been forced to sleep in their cars.

Residents in the nearby community of Greenbrier have been urged to use extra caution when traveling into the area because of the danger of a transformer fire.

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